Tina von Gunbil Imports

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Name: TINA VON GUNBIL IMPORTS (SG3 - 3RD Ranked in the world (2015)

TINA,is 3rd ranked in the world 2015 (BSZS/HGH)!! Wow!!! Another world class, world champion female, what an incredible accomplishment, 3ND RANKED IN THE WORLD! Tina is  medium-bodied, full-bodied, very strong head, very nice type and expression, harmonious and firm, correct front, pronounced withers, slightly sloping croup, well angulated forehand, plenty angled hindquarters, free, powerful gait in close succession the hindquarters. TSB pronounced.

  • Her father 3X times World Champion VA1 Omen vom Radhaus 2011/13/14!
  • Her G-father VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag - Twice World Champion 2011/12!
  • Her G-grandfather is SG1 Hill vom Farbenspiel - World Champion 2001!

TINA'S, Breed Value (HDZW) score is 77 (SUPER)At Gunbil German shepherd dogs, we follow "Responsible German Shepherd Dog Breeders Preventive Measures" set by the German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany (SV) since 1966. Our obligatory breeding program for the fight against hip dysplasia with the method of the “Breed Value Assessment”, known as “ZUCHTWERT- Breed Value (HDZW)”. The limit is expressed through the average ZW (Score) of both dogs (parents) in the breeding pair.  A limit for the average "Breed Value Score" is acceptable up to 100. But, a LOWER ZW number is much better in producing healthy hips for generation to come.

Sire (Father): VA1 OMEN VOM RADHAUS (THREE Times World champion)
3 x ChampionIPO3/SchH3VA1A1A179B/R

Dam (Mother): V KIWI (Champion in Class)
Class ChampionIPO1/Kkl1VA1A274B/R

  • HD Zuchtwert / Breed Value #: ZW: 60/79 Super Healthy Hip Value  /   ZW: 80/89: Excellent Hip Value  /   ZW: 90/100 Very Good Hip Value 
  • HD (Hips ED (Elbows)A1 Excellent Hip Rating / A2: Good Hip Rating  /   A3 Fair Hip Rating 
  • Show Rating (VA/V/SG)VA Excellent Select Rating / V: Excellent Rating  /   SG Very Good Rating (Young Class)