Shipping is not included in our puppy purchase price.
Shipping is INCLUDED  if you purchase a "Trained Puppy or Trained Dog". 

How much does a pup cost? Overall , including the import

Puppy Purchase price start at $3,888.00 and for Select litters, it's $4,444.00, plus shipping. We have two shipping option.

  1. Domestic shipping - $688.00 (Denver to any major US airport, Non Stop).
  2. International Shipping - $1,688.00 (more info here https://www.gunbilgermanshepherds.com/shipping )

Before breeding, make sure your girls is in prime condition

I understand... Before breeding, make sure your girls is in prime condition to breed (hips/elbows pre-limed or certified). Her vaccines should be up to date, dewormed and super healthy over-all. When she discharges, few days later get her to a veterinarian that is a fertility specialist. He/She will guide you from there on.

You can do BACK-TO-BACK as long as the female is healthy. We do 2-SKIP-2-SKIP-2 and retire (2-0-2-0-2). When you skip the female will need a progesterone shot (NO exception here). After each breeding she must be re-examined for optimal health - THIS IS CRUCIAL, making sure she's healthy to breed again is the main factor in breeding healthy puppies.

If you follow this method, your female will retire at 6 years old. She'll still have good 6 years left to enjoy life and be the dog she was born to be!

Breed with your heart, please... Good luck.