Shipping is not included in our puppy purchase price.
Shipping is INCLUDED  if you purchase a "Trained Puppy or Trained Dog". 

How much does a pup cost? Overall , including the import

Puppy Purchase price start at $3,888.00 and for Select litters, it's $4,444.00, plus shipping. We have two shipping option.

  1. Domestic shipping - $688.00 (Denver to any major US airport, Non Stop).
  2. International Shipping - $1,688.00 (more info here https://www.gunbilgermanshepherds.com/shipping )

Before breeding, make sure your girls is in prime condition

I understand... Before breeding, make sure your girls is in prime condition to breed (hips/elbows pre-limed or certified). Her vaccines should be up to date, dewormed and super healthy over-all. When she discharges, few days later get her to a veterinarian that is a fertility specialist. He/She will guide you from there on.

You can do BACK-TO-BACK as long as the female is healthy. We do 2-SKIP-2-SKIP-2 and retire (2-0-2-0-2). When you skip the female will need a progesterone shot (NO exception here). After each breeding she must be re-examined for optimal health - THIS IS CRUCIAL, making sure she's healthy to breed again is the main factor in breeding healthy puppies.

If you follow this method, your female will retire at 6 years old. She'll still have good 6 years left to enjoy life and be the dog she was born to be!

Breed with your heart, please... Good luck.

What process do you use to assign puppies to purchasers?

We do not recommend our clients to pick the puppy from a lineup. We place our puppies according to the characteristic profile and NOT so much on the looks of the puppy. The puppy’s type changes quickly, the character does not. It’s paramount that the puppy is matched correctly with the right family or person for a harmonious balance for the dog and the human within the pack.

Getting a puppy from the looks aspect can be quite challenging for your family and for you. All dogs have social hierarchy within a pack behavior, this includes the ALPHA, ALPHA-BETA, BETA, BETA-OMEGA and OMEGA dog.

Dogs that have established the ALPHA position or the ALPHA BETA position (2ND in command) would be quite challenging to your you and mostly to your children.

Ideal family dogs are, BETA and BETA-OMEGA. A knowledgeable breeder would have the expertise in determining the characteristic profiling of each individual puppy for this unique character/s that the puppy will have for life. 

if I were to purchase an untrained male puppy from a litter that includes four males, which one would I be purchasing? Would I have any say in which one I would end up getting?

If there were 4 males in a litter, once the purchase or deposit is made, we would send a form (to you) asking few questions that are relevant to the available puppies in the litter of your choice. We would select the puppy with the most complementing characteristic profile you're requesting.

Naturally, there would be more "BETA" options in larger litters.

What does a dog like your long coat VA3 IAN can go for?

Thank you for your inquiry.  IAN, is VA3, third ranked in the world in the “Excellent Select” class. He will breed 90 times per year at the average stud fee is $1,500.00 per mating ($135.000.00 yearly). They start breeding at age two and will be active and sought after until he is 7 years old.  So, he’ll breed for FIVE years at the rate of $135.000.00 per year times (X) FIVE years equals to $675.000.00 in his lifetime.

His fair market value (if sold) at 3 years old would be $175.000.00 to $225.000.00 USD.